Sharon Jackson, a beautiful archaeologist cave-diving in Haiti discovers what she has long suspectedódocuments and treasure hidden by Columbus prior to his incarceration at the end of his third voyage. But before she can recover it she is attacked by the corrupt local police whose job is to keep outsiders away for a surprisingly well-equipped clinic. Gravely wounded, Sharon is secretly brought to the same clinic, resuscitated, and returned to a U.S. hospital.

Dr. Brian Richards, a trauma surgeon, discovers Sharon has an almost lethally low blood count, yet amazingly, she seems in no difficulty! As Richards struggles to unravel the mystery in his beautiful patientís blood and she insists on returning to the place where she was almost killed, an evil specter falls across the two of themóDurbane Pharmaceuticals.

Blood Feud will be a sure hit to readers of techno-thrillers and medical science and those who enjoy the novels of Clive Cussler, Michael Creighton, and Robin Cook. Many of these readers will know that the danger of mad cow disease was and still is, real; that the race to find a blood substitute is on; and in the battle to make fortunes, ethics is sometimes the first casualty.

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