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Jackson Country
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A Tale of Two
(Mississippi) Cities

Pascagoula & Moss Point

Bienville brought European civilization to the central Gulf Coast. Before then it was occupied by Native Americans; after that by seamen, settlers, lumbermen, shipbuilders—brigands, litigators, scoundrels, and all manner of not so upstanding citizens. Some say extraterrestrials even left their calling card.

A Tale of Two (Mississippi) Cities…is a fast-paced historical odyssey of not only the good but also the peculiar, and not just the twin cities of Pascagoula and Moss Point but of all the surrounding coastal countryside.

Historically accurate as well as entertaining and opinionated the book provides a useful chronology of Mississippi’s seaport community. Personal interviews and rare historical records expose a side of these cities few suspected—it is sometimes embarrassing, sometimes funny, but always true to the people that lived there. The book was done with the collaboration of members of the Jackson County Historical and Genealogical Society. The Society will receive the proceeds of all books sales.

Book cover image depicts the Confederate blockade runner, Fanny, beaching on the Pascagoula waterfront while under fire from a Union gunboat, 1863. Art by Lance Ganey, www.freelanceganey.com.

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