Freedom Comfort Boxers Fracture Brace

low profile metacarpal fracture bracePurpose: The Freedom Comfort Boxers Fracture Brace® is designed to protect healing fractures of the fourth and fifth metacarpals (Boxer’s fracture).

Advantages: The brace's compact design makes it particularly suited for active lifestyles, allowing an early return to work or sports. It can even be worn under a work glove. Since the brace is removable for skin care and bathing, there is high patient satisfaction.

Compared to older casting and splinting techniques, physicians like the ease of application, and since there is more freedom of finger motion than in casts, there is less likelihood of joint stiffness.

Indications and Usage: Useful for uncomplicated fourth and fifth metacarpal fractures including Boxer’s fracture.

Patient warning:

  • As in all removable devices, patient compliance is essential.
  • The developers advise their patients that commonly metacarpal (especially Boxer’s) fractures angulate somewhat regardless of what nonoperative method of treatment is chosen. Hand function has not generally been compromised by this occurrence.

Nota Bene: This device is offered as an adjunct for the treatment of certain fractures. The manufacturer and developer in no way warrant the device as a proven treatment method. In the final analysis, it is the treating physician who chooses the most appropriate form of therapy.

For fractures that require reduction including spiral fractures with rotation or major angulated fractures this brace may not be appropriate acutely. It can be used for support once the fracture is partly healed and some stability has been obtained.

Prolonged continuous usage beyond four weeks may result in an extension contracture of the 5th MCP joint.

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* Patent #D477,410 S