Chris E. Wiggins, M.D.

Dr. Wiggins is a general orthopaedic surgeon. He maintains an active surgical practice in a locum tenens capacity. In addition, with his company, Premier Healthcare Consulting (PHC), Wiggins provides physician-guided rehabilitation services at skilled nursing care facilities. Also, drawing from his years of experience dealing with personal injury trauma, Dr. Wiggins, through PHC, provides medico-legal evaluations.

Dr. Wiggins writes for both the medical and lay press. His medical treatise, Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Impairment Ratings: A Concise Guide, is equally of interest to practitioners in the areas of insurance and personal injury compensation as well as in the medical field. It simplifies the complex task of assigning value and importance to musculoskeletal injuries.

His most recent book, Ingalls Cold War Nuclear Submarines, documents the important role Ingalls Shipbuilding and their workers played in turning out submarines that were vital to this nation’s defense during the Cold War years. Proceeds go to the Jackson County Historical Society.