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"A Maritime History of the Mississippi Coast"

...tells the exciting story of the seafaring coast of Mississippi. From Native Americans in their dugout canoes
to modern day warships capable of projecting American authority to the other side of the globe, they all have called this place their home. The book tells the stories of local heroes, pirates, and fisherman. While the history odyssey encompasses the entire Mississippi Sound from New Orleans to Mobile, it focuses on the eastern regions of Pascagoula, Biloxi and their barrier islands. "A Maritime History of the Mississippi Coast" is a companion narrative to the Mississippi Maritime Museum.

This is the third book in the history series of Jackson County, Mississippi. See Book one.

Book cover image depicts Exchequer launched June 1940. Exchequer was Ingalls's first ship from the Pascagoula shipyard, and the first all-welded steel hull built in the United States. As World War II broke out the just finished vessel was appropriated by the US Navy and went to sea as USS Pokomoke, a seaplane tender. She survived the war to return with two battle stars. Art by Lance Ganey,
142 pages Softbound $20 Hardbound $30

For purchase contact the author at email: or ground mail:

Mississippi Maritime Museum
PO Box 243
Pascagoula, MS 39568

All proceeds go to the Mississippi Maritime Museum.

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